Meet Betty Bling

Making a Faux Garden Head isn’t as hard as it looks, keep reading to meet Betty Bling! 

Meet Betty Bling (Faux Garden Head)|Designers Sweet Spot|



Meet Betty Bling (Faux Garden Head)|Designers Sweet Spot|

My Gardening Obsession

 I am obsessed with gardening. It’s one of my compulsive behaviors. Like my obsession with ButterfliesGiving Away Books, and Learning About My Dead Relatives. Did you know that I once painted the 11 rooms in our big, old Victorian house 33 times in a span of 10 years? I really do get obsessed with things. I just can’t help myself.
Meet Betty Bling (Faux Garden Head)|Designers Sweet Spot|
 Right now, my gardening obsession comes from the fact that it’s late spring and it’s still cold outside in Wisconsin. I am desperate for an outlet since I still can’t plant anything in the garden.

 If you follow me on Pintrest, you will know that I have had this garden head photo pinned for a while. You see, I used to work at a greenhouse. Every spring the owner would get a shipment of these heads and they would sell like hotcakes. Every year I would promise myself I would buy one but I never did. Probably because they retail for $75.00 or more and just didn’t fit into my thrifty home school mom budget. But, I still wanted one. Badly. Have you ever put something off that you regretted?
Recently I spied this foam head at the craft store (Hobby Lobby) and I got to thinking…. Hummmm, I wonder if that would work as a garden head? It was only a few dollars so I decided to try it. I also picked up some Magikote Primer and some Krylon Stone Metallic Spray Paint. I decided to name my garden  head Betty Bling.

Supplies Needed:

•Magikote Primer

•Foam Craft Head

•Krylon Stone Metallic Paint

•Sharp knife

•wine bottle


•trailing succulent

•old jewelry and old glasses

Garden Head Directions:

•First of all I painted Betty with 2 coats of the Magikote Primer. It seals the foam and makes it ready for the finish coat of paint.
•I put Betty atop an empty wine bottle to dry. She has a hole in the base of her neck that works great for this purpose. My kids said it looked creepy. Nah. I don’t think so.
•When she was dry, I drew a 6″ circle at the top of her head with a compass. I used it as a guideline for painting, I didn’t want to paint the portion I knew I was going to remove later for planting.
•Then I sprayed Betty with the Stone Metallic paint. I used two coats which would have dried sooner had I brought it into the house. Why do I not think of these things until it’s too late?
 •When she was finally dry, I hollowed out the top of her head with a sharp knife. I probably should have purchased the special knife for cutting foam at the craft store, but instead I used a parring knife which really made a mess of things. Sometimes I am a slow learner.
•Finally, I made a hole for drainage…..
 Seems like this was easy since she already had a hole at the bottom of her neck.
•Then I added some small pebbles to the wine bottle for stability.
•I fell in love with this succulent from Home Depot and decided it would be perfect for Betty’s hair.
• Betty got some Bling with a few pieces of my old jewelry and some extra glasses.
I hadn’t intended to keep the garden head Betty on the wine bottle permanently, but I kind of like her there. She looks more interesting floating in the air.  Maybe I will change my mind about this when it comes time to put her outside, but for now she’s going to stay put.
Someone said she kind of looks like me. Nah, I don’t see it. Do you?
Have a great day!
p.s. I have gotten some of the nicest comments lately, thank you so much for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it!

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Faux Garden Head (Meet Betty Bling)


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34 thoughts on “Meet Betty Bling

  1. I think she does look like you, both of you are pretty!!!

    I have the same succulent 'heads' pinned to my board as well and have priced them, way out of my price range but thankx to you this could be very affordable. It is a GREAT idea!

    Thank YOU very much!

  2. Jessica – Nice job with Betty!! I love it! Just wanted to tell you, I got the head with the burro's tail you have pictured at Gordmans last year. They only had 2 and I think I was just at the right place at the right time. I have it posted on my Pinterest account, I've started following you. You should take a look, the pic is from last year. I'll try to post it on your Pinterest

    1. The roots will not grow through the styrofoam nor will it break down easily. I have used styrofoam peanuts in the bottoms of my pots for years for drainage and they do not decompose. Eventually the plant will probably have to be split or replaced, as I am sure the roots will eventually be too big. Keep in mind that succulents generally don't have very large roots so they are a good choice for

  3. I happen to have the same photo of those garden heads on my hometalk post. I posted it last year when I joined hometalk. I too found them at the moment out of my budget… So I have been researching ways I could make them. I think you are very creative, I love what you have done and I'm going to try and make it and will post when I'm done…

    P.S..I'd like to put it outside

    1. I just removed the plant from the pot and put it in the head. Ideally, it would be easier to keep the pot in the head but I cut my hole a bit on the small side and I was rather impatient to plant. If you leave the plant in the pot it is easy to remove it and add a different one for the various seasons. Thanks for reading!

  4. Thank you so much. I will do this for sure. And thanks for all the tips about things you would have done diferently. I will definitely spring for the foam knife (but, like you, I would have thought I could do without it). I have always loved vases and planters with in the shape of a head. We just got a Hobby Lobby in my town. Yeah!

  5. I took the plant out of the pot, but you could just as easily leave it in the pot. I cut my hole a bit on the small side so I took it out of the pot. Leaving it in the pot would be a good idea, then you could change the plant with the seasons. Have fun!

  6. Jessica, this is wonderful! I love this idea because even though I’m in almost ever warm and humid Houston, Texas….I LOVE plants and funky, interesting planters are the best! I am a mosaic artist, so I’m going to take YOUR wonderful idea for these styro heads I see at the craft store here and will cover with thin-set…after hollowing out per your instructions. Then I will mosaic the outside! I will send a picture. I will definitely give your blogsite the credit! Follow me on Facebook at Lisa Anderson or Lisa Anderson’s artist page – Thank you so much for sharing your creativity! Hugs, Lisa

  7. Love your head planters! They are so creative. I would like to try them and have a few questions? Could the head be hollowed before priming and painting or is it better to do after? Is is best not to finish the hollowed out area? Thanks so much for sharing this project. I will add myself to the list of readers who have a pic of the cement heads pinned but never purchased them due to the price.

    1. I am not sure how it would work to finish the inside of the head cavity, it seems like the paint may come off with all of the moisture from the plant. However, I haven’t had any problem with the paint coming off being outside, and I water it all the time. Either way it will probably work. Good luck with your project!

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