My Vintage Bar Cart Idea


I am excited about this project! Little by little, the basement renovation is coming together.

I splurged on a few vintage finds to use behind the bar to make it special.

I found this tea cart on my way to the Haven Conference when I stopped at an antique store somewhere in Indiana. I immediately knew it had potential for a great bar cart.

It was the perfect size for this space and I liked the simple design of it.

It’s a definite plus that we can wheel the cart around to the front of the bar for serving.

I hauled the little bar cart all the way to Atlanta and back. It took up my entire trunk. I don’t regret it even for a minute.

I am also pleased to report that the glass shelves that came with it didn’t even get chipped on my journey.

I painted the back side of the bar cart shelves with looking glass spray to give this dark corner of the basement some sparkle.

The bottom shelf is full of other needed serving supplies such as paper plates, napkins, toothpicks and olives.

I bought the vintage bar ware for a few dollars at our local thrift store. I can’t say enough about that place!

I paid $.40 for these cool vintage glasses, and a dollar for the chrome tray and cocktail mixer. Score!

I loved the floral lights and flower necklaces from the Dollar Store and couldn’t resist adding them to this display. A bit of tiki bar vibe is so fun, what’s not to love?

Now we just need to make some Pineapple Smoothies, or perhaps even a Mimosa or two.

Mimosas for me please!

The door behind the bar cart came from our local Habitat ReStore. It is not attached to the wall, just leaning up against it.

The door covers the big hole in the wall where there probably used to be a small refrigerator.

Someday, maybe I will find a good deal on a used one.  For now, I like the door. It ads so much character to the space and rather looks like it belongs there.

I am still working on the front of the bar, that is yet to come. Baby steps!

Have a great weekend!

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