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I love having a cup of tea in the afternoon.

I deliberately set aside anything else that I am doing to brew some tea and find a quite place to rest and enjoy it.

Many times, I will enjoy my tea with a dear friend and some priceless conversation.

It’s one of the highlights of my day.

I have been coveting beautiful glass tea pots for the single reason of making thisĀ Numi Flowering Tea.

This is not a sponsored post, just sharing one of my favorite products.

I happened to find a glass tea pot at the thrift store recently for $1.69. You can also get them on Amazon, which was my next option.

Numi Tea top view

The main reason I wanted a glass tea pot, was so that I could make this beautiful tea. I am sure I will find other ways to use it, but this will be my favorite, I am certain.

Numi makes a lot of different teas, but the flowering tea is definitely my favorite.

The tea blossoms are first hand sewn into a closed position, the bud is then dried. Some of the designs are so elaborate it takes ten minutes to sew them together.

It’s a work of art.

What gardener wouldn’t covet a cup of this beautiful tea?

When you drop the Flowering tea blossom into a boiling pot of water, the blossom opens.

Nothing could be more lovely.

Numi box

Hard to believe that beautiful tea comes from this tiny flower bud.

Each blossom is a different flavor of tea, and can be re-used several times. I have found that the flavor actually comes out more with each additional steeping of the tea.

This particular blossom is called Oolong Sunset. Isn’t that a great name?

The Numi Flowering Tea is a bit of a challenge to find in the stores, I happened to find mine at World Market, but if you are ordering a tea pot from Amazon, you may as well save your self a trip and order some tea at the same time.

Amazon also carries tea pot sets that come with the Numi Flowering Tea, which would be a great gift idea.

Numi blossom

Because this tea is so beautiful and unique, I would save it for a special occasion rather than have it every day.

Then again, if you’re having a bad time, this may be just the treat you need.

Be sure to find a quite corner to enjoy it!

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