Sew Along Masterclass Poll, Help Find the Dream!

Planning this Sew Along Masterclass for next year. Now is your chance to give me your opinion on what you want to learn and  help me find the dream!

Sew Along Masterclass Poll|Designers Sweet Spot|
Coming in 2018, the Sew Along Masterclass!

2018 Sew Along Masterclass

I have been working behind the scenes for several months planning my blog content for the next year. It’s been a whirlwind battle, one that I have finally won and mastered.

It hasn’t been an easy journey.

At first I wasn’t even sure I would be blogging next year. Growth on the blog has been slow and I am frustrated with the way things have been going the last couple of years. The millions of followers that I expected to have when I began blogging 8 years ago just aren’t there despite the considerable time and effort that I put into this business.

I even started looking for full time apparel design jobs, which I haven’t done since 1994.

There were even full time job interviews. Several of them. However, in the long run I decided that I just can’t go back to working for a large corporation just yet.

Finishing the Blogging Dream

It’s hard to give up on a dream. This blogging dream isn’t finished yet. When I started this blog so long ago I always had the thought that I would go back to my fashion design roots at some point and become a fashion blogger. At the time I began writing in 2009, it seemed like growing my following through home decor would be the hard part, and becoming a fashion blogger at some point in the future would be an easier thing to do once I was established. Fashion is something I understand.

Now is the time to see where this dream goes, this blog journey is beginning anew. As a lifestyle branded blog, Designers Sweet Spot has the potential to not only be a home decor brand, but also fashion brand as well. A few months ago, I launched a new pattern shop called Chambray This domain is where you can purchase my original sewing patterns, sewing supplies, fabric and video sewing tutorials (coming soon!). See the Link in side bar and in header of this page or click on the link below:


Sew Along Master Class Insights

My sewing posts are some of my most read content. Thousands of page views over the last 8 years have proven this content to be valuable and what people really want to learn. I am excited to offer an entire 12 months of Sew Along Tutorials and accompanying patterns in 2018.

But, I need your help. This is a huge year long commitment for me. I need to know if this is what YOU the reader REALLY want to learn about here on the blog. You will have the option of sewing one project, several projects, or all of the projects as you choose during the 2018 year.

Sew Along Masterclass|Designers Sweet Spot|

The 12 Month Sew Along Masterclass will Include:

  1. Funnel Neck Knit Sweat Shirt
  2. Knit Fit and Flare Tunic with Variegated Hem
  3. Unisex Sleepwear Flannel Pajama pants
  4. Spring Floral Sack Dress
  5. Little Black Party Dress
  6. Loosely Flowing Caftan
  7. Men’s Boxer Shorts
  8. Home Decor Rag Baby Quilt
  9. Home Decor Duvet Cover
  10. Home Decor Pillow Shams
  11. Japanese Knot Bag
  12. Unisex Fleece Robe

These 12 projects have been selected for their simple design and require only basic sewing skills. You will learn step by step how to choose fabrics and supplies, print and assemble the patterns, alter patterns to fit your body type, properly layout/cut each item, and sew each one like a BOSS.

Could you take a few minutes to complete this short survey and give me your opinion? It will take less than 5 minutes of your time.


Thank you for your support!

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Sew Along Masterclass|Designers Sweet Spot|
Give me your opinion on this Sew Along Masterclass!

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