Sewing a Fitted Blouse: Part 1

31 Days of Sewing: Day 6

This week has been an unprecedented disaster. We have had a family crisis, an electrical outage and a plumbing problem.

This little one hour blouse has taken me 4 days to make with all the distractions.

My week started off okay, I realized that I probably should have planned better for this series and had a stash of fabric and patterns to pull from for my projects.

Have I mentioned that organization is not my thing?

I don’t have a fabric stash, so I spent far too many hours this week roaming the fabric stores.

Found a fabric I liked at store A. Forgot the coupon for 40% off at home. Bought the fabric anyway.

Found a better fabric at store B. Signed up for the store B discount texts, only to realize I left my phone at home and couldn’t use them. Bought fabric anyway.

Returned fabric A to store A. Found an even BETTER fabric for the next project. Forgot phone and coupons once again.

Returned to store B to buy buttons and interfacing for project A, remembered the phone and coupons, but buttons were only $1.00 so it didn’t really save me anything.

Went home to wash fabric, washed it all, put it in the dryer. Dryer didn’t work.

Checked fuse box, fuses were melted and wires fried, box smelled hot. Called landlord who in turn called electrician.

Roamed fabric stores again to pass the time, totally confused as to why I was there, and what dang coupons I was supposed to use.

Electrician came, out of power for the entire day. No sewing, computer or blog posts. Ate an entire bag of chips from the stress.

Fabric finally air dried, time to start cutting!

Cut out entire pattern, realized I should have bought more fabric. Made it work any how.

Electricity back on.

Sat down and actually sewed a few seams before I realized I never bought interfacing. Darn.

Went back to fabric store once again, remembered the phone, coupons are now expired. Darn.

Remembered to buy the interfacing, bought a bunch of fabric I didn’t need. Returned home to find I had 3 more pieces of identical fabric I bought the other day and forgot about.

Put fabrics B and C into washer to prepare for the next days projects. Left the room, came back later to put them in the dryer, discovered the wash basin had over flowed water all over the floor.

Turned on the dehumidifier and calmly left the room.

Watched Castle and Forever to forget my problems.

Blouse A still not quite done. Darn.

The good news is that it is going to fit great. At least I think it will.

The bad news, is that this was supposed to be an easy project. It has not been easy. This pattern is easy Vogue #8747. Spent two hours trying to set the sleeves correctly, this pattern has a very large sleeve cap and it took me three tries to get it in the armhole without puckering. This is one of my pet peeves, I hate big sleeve caps for this reason.

Spent two additional hours trying to figure out why the front facing didn’t look right. Realized far to late I only cut 2 facing pieces instead of the 4 marked on the pattern. Darn.

Had no more fabric to cut facings from, refused to be seen at the fabric store again. The lady there now knows me by name. Can you say Embarrassing?

Searched for my fabric scraps. Realized too late I had thrown them away. Ran to the curb and rummaged around in the dumpster to save enough fabric for the blouse facings before the garbage truck came.

Pieced scraps together to make a facing, sewed until dark when I couldn’t see anymore and my hands were ice cold.

Have I mentioned there is only one light in my “studio” back porch and that I can’t see well enough after dark to do anything? There is also no heat other than an old fireplace.

Collapsed into my chair exhausted, curled up in the fetal position in my new fuzzy bathrobe.

Will try again tomorrow to finish this project.

By the way, tomorrow is my birthday. I now have 4 garments to sew in one day and make up for lost time.

Thank goodness the week is almost over.

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