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I am still recovering from a week of traveling. I seldom go anywhere without my family, so it was a big step for me to travel out of state to the SNAP Conference.

I was fortunate to find one of my fellow bloggers to travel with to the event. Karen from Dragon Flies and Lilly Pads was also one of my roommates for the Conference.

The journey began at 4:45am. As you may know I am not a morning person. This makes the day all the more challenging. We arrived at the airport in plenty of time to drink coffee and check our bags. I think we look pretty good for such an early hour!


We arrived at our hotel in Salt Lake without any trouble, I must say the Little America Hotel was pretty impressive. I was of course captivated with the lovely gardens, and completely forgot to take pictures of anything else in the hotel lobby.

Our next few days were full of activity, which I can only describe as blogger heaven. We visited with sponsors and brands, dozens of them. They were so kind and love working with bloggers. We were given a number of sample products to try, one of my favorites are these adorable socks from Woven Pear. Aren’t they just the cutest?


We were wined and dined, and entertained in the evenings with music, parties, food, crafts and games. It was completely amazing. In between, we attended classes on blogging, sewing, designing just about anything, social media, photo styling and photography. There are so many talented bloggers out there, it was a privilege to be among them. One of my favorite classes was about fabric design. I won a bundle of fat quarters designed by Emily Taylor for Riley Blake Fabrics. I can wait to work on them!

As a creative person, sometimes you feel like you are the only one who thinks that way. It feels so good to be around other creative minds. We shared our blogging failures, successes and dreams for the future. I can’t wait to apply all that I learned, but there was so much, it will take me months to weed through it all. My friend Deborah and I poised for a selfie before class began.

Karen and I had the most amazing roommates, Deborah from Salvage Sister and Mister, and Meegan from Meegan Makes. We stayed up far too late laughing and giggling, they are such warm, caring people, it seems like I have known them forever.


One of my favorite memories is the Joann Fabrics garden party, we made floral garlands to put in our hair. I also loved it as a candle wreath. There is a princess inside of each of us just waiting to come out!

I also really enjoyed the Secret Sisters campaign, we were assigned another blogger to get to know, mine was Jen from Elevate, a blogger conference in New Port Beach, CA. She gave me the loveliest little gifts and snacks. I hope to check out that conference some day as well!

Our meals were sponsored by different companies, this Tiffany’s inspired breakfast was sponsored by Cents of Style and was so beautiful in Tiffany blue!
Irrigation tools also sponsored a meal, I loved their creative center piece! The boxes were full of little gifts and prizes for us!
Karen and I Decided lots more great things were going to happen with us in the future!
She showed me how to make this cute picture graphic on my cell phone at the airport.
All in all it was an amazing trip, and I have lots more fun things to share with you!
Have a great weekend!

















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