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I am having a difficult time concentrating lately. The sun is shining and suddenly  I am blind to all the work that I should be doing. I want nothing more than to sit outside and soak up the sun, even if I need to wear a coat. Spring is slow to arrive.

I am dying to plant the garden, but it’s too early.

I am dying to go for long walks along the lake shore, but it’s still too cold.

I am dying to pack up and move to our new location (more to come!)  because I hate sitting around waiting to move. But, it’s too early for that as well, we won’t be moving until mid-summer.

I am looking for spring colors everywhere, but none of them seem just right.


I love the color of these tulips, but they seem to orange.

I don’t think I could live in an orange room. It’s just not me.


I am dying to paint new walls bright beautiful spring colors. Like these yellow tomatoes, aren’t they the perfect shade?

I am dying to plant new and interesting things in ponds and experiment with unique features and water fountains. I am dying to make big flower beds filled with splashes of color that will scream of spring.

Sigh. Guess it will all just have to wait.

Perhaps you are “stuck in the middle” right now too. Not sure which way you are headed or when it will finally arrive.

Do you like uncertainty? Do you like waiting? I don’t. Uncertainty and waiting are very uncomfortable for me.

I like things concrete. Definite. I like to know where and when I am going to do something. I generally don’t care much for surprises.


I love the clash of the greens and reds in this photo, but I am a little tired of red this year. Can you believe it? Me? I love red. The greens have me thinking though. I could live with green. Really, I could. Lots of it.

Green screams of spring. In fact I saw the cutest little green hand bag at the thrift store the other day……and Target has the cutest little green Ked sneakers.

They had some pink ones too, I am just not a pink person, even though pink is a great spring color.


For now, I will just have to be content. Thanks for listening to my rambling, I feel better already.

What colors make you think of spring?

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