Spring Planter



I came across this lovely little crate at the thrift store recently. I knew it would make a great Spring garden project.

It was sitting among the piles of wooden junk with a $3.99 price tag.

Upon further inspection, I discovered that it was really a planter and even came with bulbs.

All for $3.99???

What a steal! The crate itself was worth that!

It has a beautiful french graphic on the front.

I can’t imagine why anyone would throw it away, much less with the bulbs inside!

It came with two Apple Blossom Amaryllis bulbs, potting soil and even Spanish Moss.

Happiness in a box!

It sure made me smile!


The poor bulbs were already trying to grow despite the lack of sunlight.

I knew that with a bit of water and warm sunshine, they would grow just fine.


The crate came with a plastic liner, ready to plant.

I added 2″ of small pebbles to the bottom for extra drainage, then dumped about 1/2 the soil on top.

I had some Narcissus bulbs that I tried to grow in previously in water and they didn’t do anything. I decided to try again to see if they would fare better in rich garden soil so I added them to the planter.

The rest of the soil was added to the top of the bulbs, and then topped with the Spanish Moss.

Spanish Moss is great for keeping moisture in potted plants.

It also deters animals, they don’t like the feel or smell of it.

We will see. If the bulbs don’t all bloom, I can pull the out and add some tulips or daffodils.

Amallis in water

My other Amaryllis bulb that I started in November is almost in bloom. It’s just starting to open.


This is what the crate looks like just a few days later. No sign of the Narcissus yet.

I am patient.

I can’t wait for them to bloom.

Happiness in a box!

What makes you happy today?

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