Beautiful Christmas Tablescapes

Decorating for Christmas is so much fun! However, it’s tempting to resort to your traditional routine. One way to mix up your holiday decor this season is with a beautiful Christmas tablescape. Here are a few of our favorites from around the web.  Enjoy!  There’s something special about a beautiful table that sets the mood for the season! I am always amazed at the creativity behind so many holiday tablescapes. We hope this roundup has given you the inspiration to create something new and exciting with your Christmas decor. Finally, remember that there’s no “right way” to decorate. You’re free to create something that truly makes YOU smile. Christmas Inspiration If you’re still looking for more noteworthy Christmas inspiration, check out these other articles: 12 Easy DIY Christmas Stockings Festive Cocktails for Holiday Parties DIY Decorative Holiday Pillows Spiced Hot Apple Cider   Remember to pin this post for later!  SaveSave SaveSave

20 Trendy Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving is just days away and if you’re anything like me, you aren’t at all prepared.  Here are a few tablescapes to inspire your Thanksgiving decor. A patterned tablecloth is a great way to switch things up without having to invest in new dinnerware.  This plaid pattern Bless’er House chose for her tablescape is to die for! A few years ago, I decided to add some color to my Thanksgiving decor.  I still reminisce on how well this design turned out. All the details are on my blog, Designers Sweet Spot. We love how Fox Hollow Cottage designed her table around this vintage sugar mold. It’s the perfect centerpiece to give the table a casual yet sophisticated feel. Make sure you take a peak at her cute turkey-themed dinnerware! You’ll definitely want to head over to 2 Bees in a Pod to check out all the adorable details added to this tablescape, including the DIY clay place cards! Such a special touch. (Plus, wouldn’t they make a cut Christmas ornament after the feast was over?!) Most tablescapes are done on long tables with plenty of extra space for decor.  Which is great, if you have a long table. Little Red Brick House didn’t let her small, round table stop her when it came to decorating. This simple design is perfect if you’re lacking all that extra table space this year. I’m fully aware that this isn’t a tablescape.  However, this DIY tutorial was too good to pass up! I can just picture several of these spaced along your table, or even a larger pumpkin as a centerpiece. Wine…
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How I Failed To Decorate our Dining Room

No one likes to say that they have failed. Today I give you permission to completely FAIL in your home decor. I completely failed in this renovation project, but all is not lost! The One Room Challenge Dining Room Update This week is the final reveal for the One Room Challenge. I have been avoiding writing this post, because it’s hard for me to admit that I have failed this challenge. I haven’t finished our dining room. I was really excited in the beginning, the painting was easy. It took me an entire weekend to paint the built-in dining hutch. The white is so much lighter, I really do like it. I am glad I took the plunge to paint all that dark woodwork. The next project  was the ceiling. This painted ceiling medallion gives the room something special. Our kitty loves to stare at the ceiling, she must find it interesting. I bought some great fabric at a fabulous price and whipped up a pair of curtains. I was on a roll! And that’s where the story ends. Actually, it came to a grinding halt. The END of the Dining Room ORC Story The table improvements are holding me back. I need to paint the table, but I don’t have the vision right now as to which colors to use. White, black? Grey, Chocolate? Can’t decide. Am having second thoughts about the curtains that  I made. I never have second thoughts. NEVER. Usually, I am an all in kind of girl. But, something in this room just doesn’t feel right. Our…
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10 Dining Room Transformations

Dining rooms are a gathering place for many families. You create memories there that can last a lifetime.  If you’re looking to transform your dining room, here are some rooms to inspire you!    Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for you next dining room transformation. It can range anywhere from a simple paint change to a full room renovation.   Are you still looking for more inspiration? Check out these similar posts: DIY Sunburst Ceiling Medallion Top 20 Bathroom Transformations Budget Curtains for Any Room Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup 12 Kitchen Tile Backsplashes (That Aren’t All Subway Tile)   Remember to pin this post for later!

How to Make Budget Curtains for Any Room

Budget curtains can be hard to find if you pay retail price. Here are my best tips for making them yourself in just a few simple steps. This post contains affiliate links from which I will make a small commission should you decide to purchase. Thank you for supporting my blog in this way. Here we are back again for week 3 of the One Room Challenge! This week our dining room renovation includes Window Treatments! Here’s what we have covered so far: Week 1: Design Plan Week 2: Paint Week 3: Ceiling Medallion Click on the links above to see the progress!  Curtains That Only Look Expensive New curtains have been on my to do list for this room for a while. I dread a large project like this because it’s expensive and time consuming. However, this one turned out to be less expensive than I anticipated. Here’s my story: Since I had my fabric picked out since week one, it was going to be easy to go and buy it at the store. Problem was they were sold out when I got there. Not good! The Fabric Deal After browsing the clearance rack of decor fabrics, I came up with two options. One was a lovely teal priced at $4.00 a yard. What a great deal! Option two was a lovely Waverly fabric floral print priced at $13.00 per yard. Not so cheap, but I really liked it. I took both bolts to the counter and asked the clerk why one was so much more than the other.…
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Paint Your Own Unique Sunburst Ceiling Medallion

Ceiling medallions are part of old house character. Our old house was missing some of that old world charm. Painting a Sunburst Medallion was just what was needed. This post was sponsored by Deco Art. Any opinions given are completely my own. Sunburst Ceiling Medallion This is week 2 of the six weeks One Room Challenge. If you aren’t sure what the ORC is you can read more about it here on My original design plan for the dining room renovation called for stenciled walls, which was scheduled to be the project this week. After much consideration I decided to let go of this idea. The walls are really too small for any type of stencil. We have two large windows, several doorways and a huge built-in hutch that take up most of the wall space in this room. Hang a picture or two on the walls and we see even less of them. It just wouldn’t make much sense to stencil it. The other thing that I changed my mind was the fabrics I am using in this room. The stencil idea no longer worked with the new fabrics that I purchased, but I will tell you all about that next week. IT WILL BE FABULOUS. Be sure to stop back! To see the original design plan, check out this post.  Last week we painted the walls and trim, you can read about that here. Designing the Medallion I briefly thought about purchasing a plaster medallion for the ceiling, but after searching the internet I couldn’t find one…
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Painted Woodwork (Gasp!) from Dark to Delightful

Sometimes its hard to make big decisions, like painting your dark woodwork. Here’s the lowdown and why we made this (GASP!) radical choice in our home. This post was sponsored by Sherwin Williams. Any opinions given are completely my own. Painted Woodwork vs Non-Painted This topic has been weighing on my mind for a while. I love painted woodwork, I also love dark woodwork. One of the things that I liked about our home when we purchased it was the beautiful wood details. However, 10 out of 13 rooms in our house have painted white wood trim. Being consistent throughout the house is definitely a trend in today’s resale market. After months of consideration, and weighing the options we finally painted our dining room wood trim. This transformation is part of the One Room Challenge linkup. We are on week 2 this week. Time is flying by! Each week there will be new progress in the re-design of our dining room. You can see last week’s post with the design plans here. Dark and Dreary The first step in our transformation was to paint the walls a pale shade of aqua. You can see the kitchen is aqua, and I wanted a shade in the dining room with just a whisper of color.  The walls almost look white in this photo. You can’t appreciate just how dark this room was before with the beige walls and dark trim. The dark trim is so hard to work with, it makes everything look yellow. This photo is unedited, you can see how…
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Dining Room: The Simple Reason Before the Decorating Storm

The One Room Challenge is the cream of the crop for interior design remodels. This month we are working on renovating our own dining room for the design challenge! The One Room Challenge The One Room Challenge has been around for about 12 years. It originated with the Calling It Home blog, and is sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens and other fabulous brands. This is a very popular contest among bloggers and interior designers. I have wanted to try this competition but something always seems to get in my way. This year, I have decided to join the crowd and see what happens! Here’s how it works: There are a number of chosen designers for this competition that work with major sponsors for the event. Trust me they are rock stars! Bloggers like myself can link up our own version of the ORC each week showing the progress in our rooms. If the project is popular enough, any blogger has a chance to be a major designer the next time around and may be featured in magazines or attract major corporate sponsors. I am not working with any sponsors for this event, just winging it this time around! The competition is held twice each year in October and April and lasts for 6 weeks. Our dining room will be the subject of my posts which I will post each Wednesday through October and early November. This week is the introduction and “game plan” of the event. You see see the other participants in this challenge here. ORC Blog Schedule…
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