Beautiful Mudroom Design & Decor

Mudroom, mud room, laundry room, entry way. How can one room have so many names? Not everyone has a room designated for these purposes, but everyone has a place they dump coats, shoes, and keys. I have found that a little organization in this area goes a long way when trying to leave the house in a hurry before work or school each day. Here are a few beautiful mudrooms from around the web to inspire you to make the most of your space. Can you imagine walking into a mudroom this beautiful after a long day at work? Designing Vibes shares an excellent tutorial on how to achieve this look for less than $200. You definitely want to check this one out! You may not have an entire room to dedicate to your mudroom like many do, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for an unorganized mess. Refresh Restyle used an old TV cabinet to create a storage space for coats and shoes. Head over to her blog to see the inside of this creative mudroom solution. Lemon Thistle made the most of her small entryway by creating this cute yet functional space! I love how the coat hooks double as a creative design element. You may not have space for an entire hutch but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on storage options. Worthing Court used the top half of an old hutch to maximize on her storage space. Talk about mudroom dreams! Simply Kierste was blessed with a giant laundry room that doubles as an entryway. The storage in this room is…
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10 Laundry Rooms You’d Love to Spend Time In

Almost everyone I know dreads doing laundry (I personally find it relaxing). But a pretty laundry room might inspire you to tackle those piles of dirty clothes! Here are a few beautiful laundry rooms that might have you in full makeover mode this weekend. This laundry room is beautiful, but if you want to really appreciate it’s beauty head over to Twelve On Main for the before photos. Small budget? No problem! Julie Blanner demonstrates how some fresh paint and a few quick tricks can go a long way in a dark space. If you aren’t blessed with the luxury of a large laundry room, check out Lauren McBride  and her cute laundry closet. Houseful of Handmade was tired of the unused space she had between her washing machine and the wall so she created this handy sorting shelf! The bold flooring choice along with the painted cabinets make this laundry room one to remember. This makeover is another that you have to see to believe. Worthing Court created a beautiful and functional space out of what seemed to be a disaster. Check it out over on her blog! Sometimes simple is best! Copycatchic repainted her cabinet to a beautiful gray and added a few accessories to give her laundry space whole new feel. Lemon Thistle transformed a corner of her unfinished basement into this beautiful laundry room.  She created a beautiful space while still maintaining plenty of functional storage space because everyone needs more storage, right? This laundry room has to be one of my favorites. It shares a space with the mudroom which is so practical. I love…
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10 Dining Room Transformations

Dining rooms are a gathering place for many families. You create memories there that can last a lifetime.  If you’re looking to transform your dining room, here are some rooms to inspire you!    Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration for you next dining room transformation. It can range anywhere from a simple paint change to a full room renovation.   Are you still looking for more inspiration? Check out these similar posts: DIY Sunburst Ceiling Medallion Top 20 Bathroom Transformations Budget Curtains for Any Room Pretty Painted Furniture Roundup 12 Kitchen Tile Backsplashes (That Aren’t All Subway Tile)   Remember to pin this post for later!

Beautiful Bathroom Tile Roundup

Tile floors have always been a popular choice for the bathroom.  However, just because you bought the house with boring white tile doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Here are a few beautiful bathroom tile choices for any taste and budget. Style by Emily Henderson transformed her dark, outdated guest bathroom into a beautiful and bright space. This colorful tile adds just the right amount of interest in an otherwise neutral room. Herringbone and marble, is there a more classic combination? Shine Your Light Blog shares some great DIY advice on how to replace your tile for less. This bathroom is always so fun to look at.  Christinas Adventures chose to combine three different styles of tile in her shower alone! You’ll definitely want check out all the other fun details she decided to include in her bathroom makeover. If the thought of laying tiny tiles is intimidating to you, maybe larger tiles is the way to go! By Brittany Goldwyn explains her decision making process in this informative post. Leslie’s daughter was the recipient of this fun bathroom makeover.  The vertical subway tiles are such a unique touch.  Check out the entire process over on Deeply Southern Home. Wood flooring is always a favorite choice, although it’s not the best decision for a bathroom. My Life From Home decided to use this wood tile to achieve the same look but with easier upkeep. Although you may have purchase a home with boring (or ugly) tile, that doesn’t mean you have to live with it! Domestic Blonde shares some great tips on how to paint the tile you have…
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Rental Before and After

While I am waiting for our next move, I thought it would be fun to revisit a few of our other Rental Before and After renovation projects. Seems like we have had quite a few! Okay, we have had a LOT! The Cape Cod Project was the most recent. One of the first things I tackled was the hideous basement bar. Yikes! It was so much fun to make a Tiki Bar out of it! The Closet Home Office was next. It was an under used space and this little office worked great for our son’s homework station. The dining room had good bones, but was very, very dark. A fresh coat of paint did wonders! Read about it here. The upstairs hallway in this house was so dark and narrow it made me claustrophobic. The halls felt so much bigger with fresh paint! Here’s the info on this project. The downstairs hallway got the same treatment!  I was so glad to leave that home behind, I just never felt comfortable there!   Our previous rental home was great. We loved this house, inside and out. The yard was huge and we spent a lot of time outdoors both in summer and winter. This was in my early blogging days, looking back I have grown so much as a blogger since then! The house was wonderful, however the pictures, not so much. Be forgiving, okay? I realize now that I don’t post many things from my early blogging days, I just hate most of the photography. Perhaps I am too…
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Victorian Project Before and After

We are ready to leave our Victorian House behind. Our boxes are packed and we are ready for the move. Just a few more last minute details to work out. We are so excited and impatient! While we are waiting around for the big day, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the Before and After projects we have done during our time here at the Victorian House. There have been many Before and After projects, even though we have lived here only a short time. Remember the garishly green bathroom? Hard to believe how ugly it was. This is the before photo….. This is the after! It’s amazing what a little paint can do! Of course, my mothers fine art collection helped with the transformation. Click here for the complete post. The next project was to repair the track in the ancient old pocket doors. It was quite a job. But, the doors are still there, and will work well for the next 100 years. Here’s the post on the entire project. The two toned bedroom was next. Well, I guess it’s three toned if you count the pink stained carpet. Yuck, yuck, yuck! The before was so irritating to me, I couldn’t wait to paint this room! This is the after. It makes my heart sad to have to leave this stenciled wall here. One of my friends suggested we cut out the dry wall and take it with us. Except these walls are plaster. I hope the next tenant appreciates how many hours I…
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Announcing the New Abode

I can’t believe I am making this announcement. We have a new abode. We had no intention of moving again, but we are once again in the process. It’s crazy, we have moved more times than I can count. This time though, we are buying a house. We have been renting for years, fixing up rentals as we go, making them our home.   We are so excited to finally have a permanent place of our own. We have dreamed and been disappointed so many times. We have faith that this time, our dreams will come true. I don’t think I could handle another disappointment. It would crush me. This home has everything we have always wanted, and so much more. We love the vintage style of this home. It was beautifully staged.   If they would have offered the furnishings for sale with the house, we would have bought them. My favorite thing about it, is that it has a space for my design studio. It needs a little work, however.   We have to have at least one renovation project or it won’t be any fun, you know? It also has a cute little yard, the perfect size for a little garden and chickens. And a sweet wrought iron fence. It even has a BARN. But the best thing thing about this home is …….   That it is OURS.   Posted with Blogsy

Christmas in the Country Home Tour

Glad you could stop by for the Christmas Home Tour! There are more than 40 bloggers participating, be sure to check out some of the other links at Creative Country Mom. I have been working on decorating for a while, it feels good to finally have everything in place! This is the back door, a Rustic Wooden Wreath says “hello”. The view from the back door is of the chicken coop. Our sweet Delaware chickens have gone to live with friends for the winter, but I couldn’t resist decorating the coop. I have always wanted a barn to decorate, this coop is as close as I have ever gotten to owning a barn! The back porch has a few fun Christmas touches, this old mail box and jingle bells make for a unique coffee table vignette. The Timepiece Ornament was one of my recent sewing projects. The back wall of the porch is full of beautiful rustic barn boards. It’s my favorite thing in this entire house. I love how the barn boards look with my DIY Gold Snowflakes. The porch also is the home to our Spray Painted Christmas Tree. I love the grey color, it’s very subtle. I love it even more with silver, grey and blue ornaments. The ornaments look rather mysterious on it. This monogram is chalk paint on a DIY ornament globe. I still have more of them to paint. Perhaps I will finish before the holidays! I love the beaded ornament hangers from Hobby Lobby, they make the simplest ornaments look special! I have…
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