Top Money Saving Grocery Sites

Saving money is always a priority in our house, here’s how we get the most from our grocery budget by shopping online. 

Top Money Saving Grocery Sites

I am always looking for ways to save money. We spend hundreds of dollars a month on food and other disposable items for our home, most people do. I hate the fact that we have to buy more of them each and every month. Not only does it cost me money, but it takes so much time to shop.

We live more than 20 minutes from the grocery store. Our community is large and has a multitude of traffic hazards. The weekly trip to the store usually turns into a trip of at least several hours if not more.

One of my biggest problems is that I often buy impulse items that aren’t on my list. I am guilty of being swooned by beautiful fresh flowers, exotic fruits, pretty wine bottles, cool kitchen gadgets and great deals on stuff we generally don’t need.

Lately I have discovered some amazing places to buy staples that save me time, money and lots of temptation.

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Sites You Will Not Be Able to Live Without

    1. Grove Collective: This site is becoming more and more popular for a good reason. They have tons of natural cleaning products for home and personal use. Recently I discovered the Mrs. Meyers line of natural cleaning products that they carry. One order of Lavender Dish Soap and Hand Soap will seriously change your life. It smells so good, even my kids are anxious to help with dishes! My favorite item is the little wooden handled scrubbing brush for dishes. It comes with a ceramic base that you fill with water and a bit of soap. Pump the brush up and down for lather, then scrub and rinse your dishes. Love it! My kids now wash their own dishes because it’s so easy! Grove will place your order on auto ship, so each month or week (you can choose) you will get another shipment delivered to your door. You can even get toilet paper delivered! You can get $10.00 in free products just for trying out their service. Sign Up Here.
    2. Zycon Fresh: This grocery site specializes in organic farm fresh meats and fishYou can purchase cases of beef steaks, burgers, roasts, chicken, seafood, pork and turkey at fantastic prices. The meats are from local farmers, and are sent right to your door. Because they are fresh, the foods are of the highest quality. It’s a great way to eat organic for not a lot of money. Cost is the number one reason why we don’t eat more organic foods in our house. Most of the time we eat only hamburger and occasionally a piece of steak. Ordering online is changing all that! Buying bulk foods is the best way to save money and always have food on hand for when you need it. Our freezer is filling up with all these good deals!
    3. Amazon GroceryWhether or not you already use Amazon, you can’t deny the benefits of this huge resource. With Prime shipping it’s a no brainer to have your regular purchases in your cart and have them sent out once a week. I know several families that buy all of their groceries on Amazon. It is especially convenient when you purchase organic items that are hard to find. My regular purchases include gallons of coconut oil, loose leaf organic tea, and organic bulk spices.
    4. Direct Cellars Wine Club: We occasionally enjoy a bottle of wine with our meals. We also love to give wine as a gift. It’s an easy item to have on hand and is great for just about any occasion. I recently became a Wine Club distributor, and it’s been fantastic. We get 4 bottles of premium boutique wine shipped to our home each month for $79.99. Our package includes two white wines and two red (you can choose your preference). It is so easy to have the wine sent to us each month. Even better if you have 3 people sign up under you, your wine is FREE. Great deal!
    5. Wisconsin Made: I love this site for cheese, sausage, crackers and other unique items. You don’t have to live in Wisconsin to get great cheese and other local made products. My favorites include Co-Jack (Colby and Monterey Jack cheese combo), Pepper Jack (Hot pepper cheese), and Baby Swiss. Add some beef garlic sausage and it’s a perfect meal with fruit or veggies on the side.


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