Up-Cycled Garden Fountain

Upcycled Sink Fountain


I spent the day playing in the water. That is, I spent the day making a new “old” water feature for the yard.

This old laundry sink sat in a dark corner of our basement until recently.

It wasn’t even connected to anything. I have no idea why someone would just leave it there.

It’s not like it added anything to the basement decor.

I decided it would make a great water feature.

fountain side view

Earth Day is approaching you know.

Why not recycle something?

The birds are going to love taking a bath in the water spray.

I am going to love watching them.

Sink Before

The sink was in good shape, just a bit dirty. I love the crusty old faucet, I think it adds to the charm.

I thought about painting the sink, but I like the way it blends in with the yellow siding of the house, so I decided to leave it.

I also left the crusty old pipes underneath.

Maybe some animal will decide to make that his home.

Sink during

I plugged the sink drain by covering it with one of those plastic rubber seals for kitchen sinks from the Dollar Store, and tried out the new fountain pump.


I was attracted to this particular kit because you can choose from several different styles of spray and pump set up, depending on your container.

I thought about threading the cord of the pump through the drainage hole at the bottom of the sink to hide it, but I decided not to.

It would have meant digging through the boxes in the garage for the plumbing wrench and wrestling the pipes off the bottom of the sink.

I wasn’t up to that today.

The cord doesn’t bother me that much, especially since I plan to add some tall pond plants to the fountain as the weather gets warmer.

The cord will become invisible in the end.

Fountain location

I pulled the sink around to the back porch, and leveled it with some rocks. This location was the most convenient to water and electricity.

It is an added plus, that I hope to see birds fly by my porch window to use the fountain as a bird bath.

I think it looks like it belongs here. I wonder if my neighbors will mind it?

pond maintence

After I filled the sink with water, I adjusted the spray so the water wouldn’t be flowing out of the sink, but is recycled in the sink basin.

A few rocks helped to keep the pump in place, you can see them a bit through the water in the above photo.

I also added a bit of this birdbath product to keep the algae from growing. It is necessary, or your fountain water will be green, slimmy and unpleasant.

The shinny glass ball adds some bling to the water. It also helps attract the birds, they like shinny objects.

Upcycled Sink Fountain

A few of my favorite garden treasures gave the sink some needed color.

You can adjust the height of the fountain spray with the twist of a button, or just add some rocks under the pump to give it more height.

I am not sure yet if I am going to plant the other side of the sink, fill it with water, or leave it empty.

I will keep my options open for the time being and leave it empty for now.

What fun things have you recycled lately?

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