Victorian Project Before and After

Our new home, circa 1910.
Our old home, circa 1910.

We are ready to leave our Victorian House behind. Our boxes are packed and we are ready for the move. Just a few more last minute details to work out. We are so excited and impatient!

While we are waiting around for the big day, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the Before and After projects we have done during our time here at the Victorian House. There have been many Before and After projects, even though we have lived here only a short time.

green bath

Remember the garishly green bathroom? Hard to believe how ugly it was. This is the before photo…..

Bath after

This is the after! It’s amazing what a little paint can do!

Claw Foot Tub

Of course, my mothers fine art collection helped with the transformation. Click here for the complete post.


The next project was to repair the track in the ancient old pocket doors. It was quite a job.


But, the doors are still there, and will work well for the next 100 years. Here’s the post on the entire project.

front bedroom

The two toned bedroom was next. Well, I guess it’s three toned if you count the pink stained carpet. Yuck, yuck, yuck! The before was so irritating to me, I couldn’t wait to paint this room!

Finished faux brick2

This is the after. It makes my heart sad to have to leave this stenciled wall here.

Finished faux brick5

One of my friends suggested we cut out the dry wall and take it with us. Except these walls are plaster. I hope the next tenant appreciates how many hours I spent on this transformation. Read about it here.

front door

I almost forgot about the front door transformation. It was in desperate need of an update.

Front door lead

I still love this blue color. In fact, I think I may use it again in the next house.

dining room

The living room was one of my more recent projects. It’s the yellow room at the far end of this photo.


A little color can do amazing things. Here’s the details on this room.

upstairs parlor

The last transformation was our youngest son’s room. The mothy mauve color was my least favorite in the house.

james room after

It feels like a completely different room now.bunk bed

Here’s the how to on this room.

Can you believe it? So much accomplished in such a little time. No wonder I am tired.

But, I am sure I will be inspired again at our new location.

Details coming soon!

Have a great weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Victorian Project Before and After

    1. You know, sometimes we don’t realize how much we have accomplished until we write it all down! Honestly, it didn’t seem like that much until I put it all together!

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