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This project is part of the So You Think Your Crafty Contest.

To say that I am excited about being a part of this competition is a big understatement.

Our theme for Week One, was “Stash Bust”.

I have been hoarding pieces of wool for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity to use it.

These are 1/4 yard cuts of wool. Some are hand dyed, some are re-purposed. Usually they are used in quilting or appliqu├ęs, but I had a different idea for them.

pillow lead

My vision was a Wool Wave Pillow. This pillow only took about an hour to make from start to finish.

wave pattern

I created the wave pattern by cutting rectangular strips of wool 3 1/2″ wide. I used this piece of wavy Frog Tape as a pattern for the wave design, and cut ONE of the LONG edges into this wave pattern. After trimming the first piece, I cut 8 more identical ones for a total of 9 pieces.


front of stitching

I cut each piece from a different color of wool, you could use all the same colors if you wish.

The next step was to stitch them together. I found that my wool stretched slightly as I worked with it because of the bias cuts, which made it a bit difficult to sew. I would recommend putting a piece of Stitch Witchery underneath each seam and fusing them together with a warm iron before stitching to eliminate some of the stretch. Stitch Witchery is available from Amazon.com.

To sew the pieces together, I over lapped the wave edge of the first piece on top of the straight edge of the piece underneath, then top stitched along the wave edge from the right side. The blanket stitch worked well for this method, I used black thread so it would be easy to see and added some contrast.

back of stitching

This is what the pieces look like from the BACK SIDE. If your wool is thick, you may want to trim away some of the extra seam allowance, I did not since my wool was rather light weight.

Each piece was assembled the same way until the end. For the last piece, I INVERTED the wave to have the straight edge on the right side (basically the two wave edges overlapped for the last two pieces). This gave me straight edge on both the right and left sides, thus a neat rectangular piece to sew the black flannel backing on. I left a hole of 6″ to stuff the pillow with poly fiberfill stuffing, then slip stitched it closed with a needle and thread.

pillow and sofa

The pillow is now my favorite addition to our living room, I love the bright colors against our new teal sofa!

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Have a great day!

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