Yarn Ball Wreath

Yarnball Wreath



I am normally not one to follow trends. I like to be unique in almost everything I do.

Sometimes though, the cuteness factor sways my opinion.

Like when it comes to making a Yarn Ball Wreath.

HUGE cuteness factors are involved.

I just had to steal this idea.

It called to me.

Many talented bloggers have had their own versions, and I must say I was tempted, but not completely swayed by them.

Until I saw the one over at Cherished Bliss.

She used twine in with the balls of yarn. It was the magic combination for me.

I was hooked!

Yarnball Wreath-2

I also loved her idea of starting with a ball of newspaper and then wrapping the twine around it. Brilliant! It uses less yarn that way.

It’s also lighter, and easier to glue them down.

I used baking twine, regular twine, colored twine and scraps of yarn from my knitting projects.

I used newspapers until I ran out of them, then I started in on the Christmas catalogue pages. I have millions of those, could have made balls FOREVER with them.

Yarnball Wreath-4

I hot glued them to a wire wreath frame and hung it on the door. Easy peasy!

Note to self: hot glue sticks to tables. Use plastic underneath to avoid the embarrassment of prying it off the table before dinner time in front of the family.

I almost stuck a candle in the middle and made it a center piece. Good thing the glue wasn’t really dry yet.

What do you have hanging on your front door?


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